New Vibes. New Times. Introducing: New Vibes Wine Co.

Before COVID-19, balancing careers and family life was already a struggle for many women of all ages. The unexpected disruptions that came along with the pandemic pushed us all to step outside our comfort zones. Working remotely, being furloughed, monitoring our children’s online education, and worrying about the health and safety of loved ones certainly caught us all feeling unprepared and overwhelmed.

So now that the scramble to survive and thrive has endured for almost a year, where is this growing urge to do something new fit into our lives? How do we balance the fine line of socializing, entertaining, and traveling while ensuring our health? Perhaps the answer is as simple as bringing these experiences into our homes. Or, maybe the current crisis is pushing you to reevaluate your previous “balance” and pivot careers, travel somewhere you may have not considered previously, or just… slow… down…

While we all hope our post-pandemic lives will bring back familiarity and normalcy, why not embrace new vibes now? New Vibes Wine Co. passionately feels drinking wine is meant to be a joyous occasion. After all, even simple wins like putting away the last load of laundry, are cause to pop a bottle!

As five women business owners, our BIGGEST win happened while our respective businesses were facing the same challenges as so many small businesses throughout the country. Every two weeks we met as accountability partners to discuss plans for growth, efficiency, and big picture goal setting. It was during the doldrums of COVID spring that focused discussions often turned to new-biz daydreaming. There was a restlessness to start something new together.

Looking around the conference room, we realized together we all possessed diverse talents and experience as well as a passion for wine. How could we create the semblance of local experiences we were all craving. And how could we develop an escape while at home where no one leaves the house… ever? 

Our in-person “Ladies Who Launch” bimonthly meetings soon turned into weekly deep-dive business planning sessions via Zoom. Amanda Berry and Jesika Young made quick work of our business filings and began crunching numbers. Erica Outlaw peeled back the curtains of the wine industry and laid out our business model. Jessica Bledsoe and Becky Duncan spearheaded marketing and product development. It was a focused frenzy of ideas, action, and wine drinking… we needed to sample to understand what to offer!

Soon, as you’re celebrating new times ahead, new vibes of opportunities present, new wines to discover, we are excited to “wine down” with you. Let’s all embrace the possibility of new opportunities in 2021!