Behind the Scenes: Crafting the perfect candle

“Gonna need this!”, I exclaimed to my husband as I grabbed a bottle of Prosecco from my fridge and threw him a kiss on my way out the door.

I was headed to Maddox & Rose, a custom candle shop, to meet my new business partners for our first official order of business — creating a custom scented candle for our Just Add Wine experience boxes. 

When we came up with the idea for the box, we knew that we wanted each one to be an experience. That meant selecting products that you couldn’t wait to use and creating an experience worthy of a glass (or bottle — no judgment here) of wine. 

Our first box was meant for the self-care experience, a way to relax & unwind as you say farewell to 2020 and usher in new vibes for the new year. 

We envisioned taking a luxurious bath, lighting a luscious candle, and pouring a spill-proof glass of wine. Maybe your favorite Pandora station is playing in the background, or maybe you’re just enjoying the silence, but the stage has been set for the perfect evening of relaxation.

We wanted the candle to enhance that experience and to pair well with your wine of choice, so we set out to craft the perfect scent worthy of your senses. 

The evening started with Erica, our co-founder and wine expert, providing us with “tasting notes” for the different wines and the Maddox & Rose scents that would embody them. 

Then, our scent specialist explained the process and advised we stick to no more than three scents for our blend.

How can you possibly narrow your favorite scents down to three when there’s a wall full of amazing smells?! 

We figured the best way to do this was for each of us to create our own scent, then we would blind smell them all and vote for our favorite. The scent with the most votes would be the candle selected for the box. 

Mixing and matching the scents was so much fun, and sharing the process together was an experience we won’t soon forget. In the end, the winning scent was everything we hoped it would be and we can’t wait for you to experience it with us when you get your Just Add Wine box!

A huge Thank You to Maddox & Rose for hosting us and creating such a fun experience. We are so excited to support another local, woman-owned business and encourage you to visit their storefront (located in NuLu in Louisville, KY) where you, too, can craft your own scent, or visit their online shop to purchase some of their best-sellers! 

We also have to give a huge shoutout to our photographer, Morgan Newton with Love Thy Ordinary Photography who is credited for all of the photos you see in this post, plus many of the photos on the website.


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