The evolution of wine

Wine is the oldest beverage other than water. It dates back to Cacao wine with the Aztecs.

While it has been majorly modernized and perfected over centuries and time, it drives home that wine consumption is a hardwired evolutionary human trait. We exist to drink wine. 

Ok, I may have stretched that a bit. But I like to think that’s the case. 

People for centuries have consumed wine (and any alcohol for that matter) for celebrations, ailments, troubled times, or for no reason other than, they’re thirsty. 

Somewhere around the 20th century, wine became popular with the modern consumer. Along with the popularity came the intimidation. Wine became pretentious and intimidating to discuss – much less order from a fancy wine list at an upscale restaurant. And a Sommelier? Is that a type of grape? 

The entire vision of the NEW wine girl is to make wine fun. Take the intimidation out of what is supposed to be an enjoyable and relaxed experience, all while still teaching the basics of wine. 

To empower women to feel confident ordering from that reserve wine list. To give women the confidence to open up a bottle of wine with friends, without fear of judging eyes. To walk into a wine store and shop with a healthy curiosity. 

To enjoy a glass of wine, at any time, with anyone. 

Amanda Berry, The New Wine Girl

This post brought to you by:

Erica Outlaw, Co-founder

Resident wine expert*, chaser of children, wrangler of events.

*No, really. She’s a Level One Sommelier.