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The Wine Tool We Can’t Live Without

Let’s talk about the Rabbit. And no, I’m not talking about SATC Samantha Jones’s Vibrator. I’m talking about the Rabbit Corkscrew – one of the industry’s most iconic and well-known wine accessory brands. 

I’m a BIG fan of the traditional waiters corkscrew. I’m oddly agitated by electronic openers and gadgets that require more batteries than the *other* Rabbit. Not to mention the amount of counter space they take up on a cluttered bar. I like the simplicity of a waiter’s corkscrew. No bells, no whistles – just basic operating motions to quickly get the cork out of the bottle, and the wine in your glass. 

I was recently gifted the Rabbit Pro Waiter’s Corkscrew – and let me just tell you… this sleek, modern, heavy tool caught my attention and quickly became my favorite gadget.

Rabbit Corkscrew recommended by The New Wine Girl

One of the best features of this gadget is the foil cutter. I wasn’t aware of this feature until I unboxed the instructions, and realized that the foil cutter simply slides out, and makes it extremely easy to cut, and remove. No uneven cuts, finger slips, or pain-in-the-ass wars with foil. 

The traditional corkscrew spiral easily slides into the cork. It makes penetrating the cork fast and foolproof. The double levers are functional and even somewhat flimsy – allowing for give/flexibility in removing the cork from the bottle. 

The hardest part about using this gadget is not telling everyone about it. It’s economical, small (but mighty) and it just gets down to the point…enjoying a glass of wine as quickly as possible after a long day!

Amanda Berry, The New Wine Girl

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