What makes a good wine?

What makes a good wine? This took me a minute to learn honestly. When I first started drinking wine, I was completely intimidated.  I’m a small-town girl from Kentucky. Wine was not a thing. Bourbon, yes. Wine — not so much. Like most folks, I got a lot of my alcohol education by picking whatever I could sneak out of my grandma’s liquor cabinet (I believe the statute of limitations are now passed….but sorry Gran.  Love you!). 

I was (and sometimes still am) so intimidated by the whole process – does it have the right notes of boysenberry or whatever? Does it swirl right?  Does it have legs? (What does that even mean!?). Servers at restaurants would pour wine into my glass and I’d think, “I’m going to need more than that” before I realized I was supposed to taste it first. Ha.

Finally, though, I figured it out: Wine is good because you think it’s good

Wine is personal. You find what you like and explore from there.  I’ve had $1,200 bottles of wine and $20 bottles of wine and sometimes I prefer my pickup bottle to the expensive stuff. It just tastes better to me and I enjoy it. And isn’t that what your wine is all about? I am more educated on wine now than when I started (owning a winery does require one to bone up on a few things), but I prefer what I prefer. Keep your tasting notes to yourself!  I’ll keep mine with me, but am happy to share if asked. Being in the wine business doesn’t change what I like most about wine – the ability to bring friends together for a Friday night out or a Tuesday night in. And we can all raise our glass and enjoy what we enjoy. Cheers!  

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