What’s your Bling?

We have all sat through those awkward business meetings and icebreaker exercises on getting to know one another.  What’s your name, title, how many children do you have, and your favorite ice cream flavor? 

Not this meeting, though. This was no ordinary business meeting.  This was philanthropy pitch night for Women Who Wine for a Cause, an organization I serve on the board of.  Each year, several philanthropies come in and pitch us on why we should choose them to support for the year. 

We hear so many amazing stories, so many great charities addressing needs and helping the community.   

This time, though, the philanthropy started out by asking us (the interviewees) a question: “what is your bling?”. 

She defined bling as something that you are passionate about and that drives you.  Something that attracts others to you. 

Taking a step back, it made me question, what is it that I am passionate about?  What drives me?  What do I believe attracts others to me, my personality? 

In thinking through this question, it also makes me reflect on others’ bling.  I look at my friends, my family, my colleagues, and my teammates.  I am already one who firmly believes in playing to your strengths but never considered learning and collaborating on BLING. 

To answer the question, my personal bling is advocating for those that can’t advocate for themselves throughout the workplace and home! 

When you think about the depth of this question, it takes you away from “your job title”, your home title of wife and/or mother, and really provides perspective into who you are.  PLUS, what woman doesn’t love a little bling?!

What is the BLING in your life? What is your personal BLING?

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Amanda Berry, The New Wine Girl

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For as long as I can remember, I have been blending life and business. From my initial desires of being a sports broadcaster to my journey in commercial banking to manufacturing and “wining” with Women Who Wine for a Cause, to the boards that I have chaired or sat on.  There is no such thing as balance, in today’s world, there is only YOUR perfect blend!